The 2024 Mindfulness Series — January 1 – March 31 — consists of three months of daily videos, including intention-setting practices, meditations, vinyasa practices and weekly hacks and inspiring quotes.

Every week has a broad theme, usually beginning “The Power of…” so that we can anchor our time together in a united intention.
You’ll notice each week follows the following structure:

  • Monday Set Intention
  • Tuesday Slow Vinyasa Flow / Prep for Friday’s Athletic Flow
  • Wednesday Meditation
  • Thursday Mindfulness “Hack”
  • Friday Athletic Vinyasa Flow
  • Saturday Meditation
  • Sunday Reflection

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New here?

Hi! I’d encourage you to start at the very beginning (a very good place to start) with Week One: The Power of Intention-Setting. Each week can stand on its own, but they do build on one another. And you’re here, so you might as well jump in!
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